Those are the only words that matter when discussing Dustin Johnson's

Rules are rules.Those are the only words that matter when discussing Dustin Johnson's second shot on hole No. 18 of this year's PGA Championship. Johnson, who originally finished Sunday's final round with a Share of first place at 11 under, was given a two stroke penalty for grounding his club in a bunker on the final hole.There was plenty of replica Baume & Mercier 8577 Men's watch controversy over the rule that cost Johnson a shot at the title, and the image will unfortuantely be remembered more so than Martin Kaymer's three hole playoff victory over Bubba Watson late Sunday afternoon. But it was the right call.After Johnson's tee shot on the 500 yard par 4 went way right, he approached his ball which had come to rest in a sandy area away from the field of play.

Before lining up to take his shot, Johnson put his clubhead next to the ball and then again before he took his shot.Johnson finished the hole with a bogey, but was then taken into the clubhouse by PGA officials to let him know of his miscue. A stunned Johnson was then forced to erase his “5&8243; and switch it to a “7,” before ultimately replica Baume & Mercier 8063 Men's watch signing his scorecard and bumping him down to 9 under.Johnson claims the thought never crossed his mind that he was hitting from a bunker, as the area had been trampled down and used as a viewing area for fans the entire week.Having been at the Straits for Saturday afternoon's completion of the second and third rounds, it's easy to see why Johnson was confused.

Here is an article that someone had Posted on their twitter feed.Lets hope that Vande Velde can make the Oilers roster before the end of the season.PENTICTON, B.C. Though later to the party than most other prospects here, Vande Velde is proving he belongs as a pro.“I definitely think I' m ready to take the next step after a full college replica Longines L5. Ladie's watch career,” Vande Velde said.“I think UND got me prepared really well, and obviously that's a great program and I'm excited to get in here and maybe crack the big team.”Oilers center Chris Vande Velde scored a second-period power-play goal to give the Oilers a 3-2 lead.

can’t work out a lease agreement with a buyer willing to keep the franchise in Phoenix

If the city of Glendale, Arizona — the Coyotes' home — can’t work out a lease agreement with a buyer willing to keep the franchise in Phoenix by Dec.31, the NHL will accept an existing offer from a purchaser aiming to move the franchise.The Winnipeg Free Press has reported that group as being Winnipeg-based Truth North Sports and Entertainment.Few details have emerged from Phoenix in the past two weeks, ever since ESPN.com replica Longines L25019733 Ladie's watch reported that Matt Hulsizer could be a potential new owner of the franchise, perhaps working in partnership with Ice Edge Holdings.The latest reports suggest the club has sold 4,000 season tickets and only one-quarter of its luxury suites have been booked for the 2010-11 season.

I beg the question why then did they seek to throw their full wrath against the likes of Bernie Madoff and the entire board of Enron , WorldCom Inc. and a slew of corproate entities who in effect through creative accounting were allowed to get away with bleeding billions out of the pockets of hard working employees and their Shareholders. replica Corum 02120.402810 watch Granted, the SEC couldn't find its ass from a whole in the ground . Simply another government agency that is about as much use as a piece of fecal matter stuck on the sole of one's shoes.

The actions of the team in question though on the suce may appear to be legal but in some respects I do believe that were the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) brought in to take a comprhensive look at the books of not only MLB but aslo each of the thirty ballclubs there would be some eyebrows raised as to what has gone on and what the replica Chopard 38/3447-22 yg watch heirarchy of the game has most certainly allowed them to get away with . Courtesy of Yahoo Sports Marlins’ profits came at taxpayer expense By Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports The swindlers who run the Florida Marlins got exposed Monday. They are as bad as anyone on Wall Street, scheming, misleading and ultimately sticking taxpayers with a multibillion-dollar tab. Corporate fraud is alive and well in Major League Baseball.

this would have been an unwelcomed distraction for the 49ers organization

That being so, this would have been an unwelcomed distraction for the 49ers organization.Now, if that wasn't bad enough, Balmer also decided to skip out on mandatory training camp sessions. At first he was given a two day leave to handle his NCAA matters. However, last Wednesday head coach Mike Singletary informed him that he was being considered unexcused. He was then given a five day letter telling him to report back to the team, but he replica Baume 8480 Men's watch failed to do so.“He's not here. He is under contract. The fact that he's not here, that speaks to me…. If he wanted to be here, he'd be here,” Singletary stated when asked about the situation.Do You Think It Was A Smart Move To Trade Balmer?(polls)In response, Balmer told the San Jose Mercury News , “People are a big deal about nothing.

I feel like the 49ers could do a better job of saying that, but it's not my place to say.”That said, I had predicted the team would cut ties with the two year pro immediately.With the little to no potential he had displayed on game days, along with his apparent lack of desire and his new Added baggage, it was simply best for the two sides to replica Baume & Mercier 8369 Men's watch part ways.On the other hand, the Sea hawks did Add a big body (6'5&8243;, 315 lbs.) to their interior defensive line. With the appropriate training, he could Add quality depth and work his way into their four man front rotation.I think a fresh start is exactly what he needs, and I hope he can make the best of it. It was unfortunate that his tenure in San Francisco had to end this way, but then again, I felt that drafting him was a huge mistake in the first place.

While I am not an economics major the Phoenix Coyotes aren’t going to make it selling only 4,000 regular season tickets.Finally; NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is starting to get it, albeit he is late to the party but he is realizing that it's time to move on.Now, let’s move the team to Winnipeg. OTTAWA — NHL commissioner Gary Bettman acknowledged Wednesday there is a limit to the league’s patience in propping up the troubled replica Longines L3.644.4.96.6 Men's watch Phoenix Coyotes franchise.“We’ve been at this now for a year and a half,” Bettman told The Citizen when asked about the league’s attempts to find a new owner for the Coyotes.“At some point, just like if you think back to Quebec and Winnipeg (relocating to Denver and Phoenix, respectively), you run out of options and you don’t have a choice.We fight as hard as we can to avoid being in that situation, but at some point, you deal with the realities.”

the San Francisco 49ers are set to trade defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer to the Seattle Sea hawks in exchange for a sixth round draft pick.Balmer

According to reports, the San Francisco 49ers are set to trade defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer to the Seattle Sea hawks in exchange for a sixth round draft pick.Balmer, a former first round selection in the 2008 Draft, has been a major disappointment from a performance perspective. So far, he's registered a mere 19 tackles and has failed to start a replica Baume & Mercier 8448 Ladie's watch single game.I believe it's safe to say he's been a major bust.Even matters worse, Balmer has been involved in NCAA allegations saying that he paid for a trip to California for two of his former UNC teammates. Despite not appearing to be a significant issue, it is a violation of the NCAA's preferential treatment rule.

We've had Congress via the House Oversight & Reform Committee subpoaena Selig and slew of inidividuals within the game and representatives from the MLBPA in order to question them upon the actions that took place during the steroid era. Those hearings have turned out to be a farce and a complete waste of time as nothing has been replica Corum 02130.521400 watch resolved other than the idiotic claim by Selig that the game now has the most stringent testing policy of the four major sports . When Selig has the mind and wherewithal to blow smoke up someone's ass he certainly doesn't confine himself by doing it with half measures . He simply proceeds to commit you to bend over and drive that ramrod right up your rectum for good measure. In light of that I'm now beginning to wonder with the revelations that the profits earned by the Marlins , Pirates and Rays.

And with them each having been in receipt of not only monies by way of MLB's tax sharing revenues but also from the very fact that state governmental agencies as well as municipalities have gone out of their way to make sure that these teams have been given overly beneficial tax cuts and exemptions whilst little tangible has been replica Corum 11140.119710 watch recouped by those agencies in return. Slide-show for your perusal . It never ceases to amaze me when I hear certain individuals state that there ought not to be any government intervention when it comes to sports. Well to hell with that when the federal government has seen fit to give their governing bodies of all four major sports anti-trust exemption and then sit idly by when those hierarchies simply defraud the public and fans alike without doing anything .


Tommy Hilfiger watches exceed bid to drive without card the processing of case of dynamoelectric

As a result of this cause trouble dynamoelectric bicycle overweights overspeed, police moves Wang Mou with cause trouble of motor vehicle traffic send procuratorial work mechanism to examine sue. Ruijin exceeds mark report motor-car to bump into person case to handle exampleThis case has typical educational sense, Tommy Hilfiger watches exceed bid to drive without card the processing of case of dynamoelectric bicycle cause trouble founded an example.handle a case personnel says so,

On September 14 afternoon,Classic Short Ugg Boots, the case that Pudong police basis investigates at present, escape to having in this traffic accident the driver of behavior becomes some (female, this city person) ,Nike Mens Shox Torch Shoes, according tolaw of safety of transportation of road of People’s Republic of Chinaregulation, place in order to fine 500 yuan, be in administration to detain 15 days. Pudong police replica Longines L2.642.4.73.4 Men's watch expresses, already organized unique force, at this point the record is overall begin investigation to obtain evidence the job, make further processing according to investigation and appraisal result.

A. Lange & S?hne just sent me an email saying that they'll be live blogging from SIHH 2010, starting this Monday.The SIHH (Salon International Haute Horlogerie) show happens in Geneva, Switzerland (January 18th- January 22nd).Monday replica Longines L5. Ladie's watch morning, Lange will start revealing their 2010 novelties, live on-line here. Jaeger-LeCoultre will be running a similar live blog, but you might have to login to watch the show on JLC's site here.